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PMRF Clean Up

Once or twice a year we go out to the Pacific Missle Range Facility (PMRF) to help clean up Trash on the beach and invasive plants that grow there and replace some of the plants with native species.  It's a great relationship we have with the missle range.

Opihi Project

Last school year we had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chris Bird on his Opihi project.  The Goal is to show the relationship between Humans and Opihi and find a sustainablity with them.

Hihimanu Project

In the 2012-13 school year we also had fun building Remotely Operated Vehicals (ROV), they were underwater ROV's and we and we were able to use the pool on the missle range to test them.  We then went to salt Pond beach park to test to see how thew did in a little current.  The kids had a fun building and using what they had built.

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